auto watering system

auto watering system

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Product Specification:

    Brand Name : QOTO

    Machine size : 176*112*66mm

    Material : PCplastic

    Valve Size : 1/2' ,3/4'

    Power : DC5V/2A

    Max pressure : PN16

    Water Temperature : 0-70℃

    Power : APP tips

QOTO Automatic Watering Timer

  • Remote operation One-click watering

  • Precise control Regulate the flow of water

  • Voice control watering Free your hands

  • Time management Watering regularly

  • Green energy saving Long battery life

  • Real-time feedback Safe and secure

  • Business trips, travel, flowers nobody take care?

  • Tired all day,tired just want to rest?

  • Traditional watering is very time-consuming and laborious

An artifact that can be watered with a mobile phone

Solve watering problems

Gardening landscape

Vegetable field watering


Potted plants

Pool release water

Different watering methods, one machine control
Remote Control

Using cloud control technology, watering through the mobile phone APP anytime and anywhere.

Set the time and duration of watering like setting an alarm clock, and also set the flow of watering.

Set Watering Timer
Regulating water flow

The amount of watering can be adjusted directly through the mobile phone, and the watering progress can be viewed in real time in the APP

The two AA batteries can be used for 1 year, and the high-end version equipped with a Monocrystalline board can last for 3-4 years.

Long battery life
Voice controlled watering

Use voice control to water, liberate your hands and compatible with most smart voice devices in the market.

1.IP66, no fear of water spray
2.High temperature resistance of 85 ℃
3.No fear of exposure

Waterproof Anti-exposure
Product parameters
Brand QOTO
Item Name QT-05
Tube size 1/2” 3/4”
Power 5V / 1A
Pressure ≤1.6 MPA
Size 176*112*66 mm
Standard type Dry batteries with 2 pc
High level type Monocrystalline Solar panel +Chargeable batteries
Item Name Smart gateway
Item type QTW-01
Working temperature -10℃~+50℃
Working humidity 0-95%RH No condensation
Operating Voltage AC100-240V
Wireless connection Wi-Fi IEE802 11 b/g/n 2.4G Below 1GHz
Indoor Penetrate 2-3 walls
Outdoor Covering more than 180 meters wide area
6 Reasons To Choose Us


More intelligent and humanized design
Watering with your phone App anytime anywhere The operation is easy to understand and humanized Practical, convenient , more at ease
Adjustable water volume with mobile phone

Flow can be set remotely through the mobile phone, 0-100% arbitrary adjustment, accuracy 5%

Full-diameter pipe, smooth flow
1/2”, 3/4” full diameter, the outlet will not shrink. The motor controls the valve switch, will not block the valve because of dirty water quality.
Battery long life
The two batteries can be used for one year, and the solar Monocrystalline board can be used for 3-4 years without replacing the battery. Installation does not need to test the plug-in position.
The signal travels farther and penetrates stronger
Adopt the wireless connection technology in line with international standards, the transmission is farther and the communication is more stable
Real-time feedback of watering situation

Real-time feedback of water valve opening status can clearly know the water valve opening state. When the battery power is low, there is a low battery reminder on the APP, which is more secure to use

Other water controllers

Traditional electronic mechanical watering timer
No remote control, frequent operation on the timer, flexible control of watering when people not at home, and it is unclear whether normal watering has been performed
Ordinary watering device can not adjust the amount of water
The water volume can only be adjusted by the faucet or the sprinkler, which is troublesome to operate and cannot be controlled remotely
Mall actual pipeline and low flow
Although the diameter is 1/2”, the actual diameter is only 1/3 of the size, and the flow rate is small. The solenoid valve has high requirements on water quality, and the valve is blocked easily due to dirty water.
WiFi wired control automatic watering device
It is necessary to connect the power supply, and the socket wiring for the watering device is troublesome.
WiFi / Bluetooth control automatic watering device
WiFi/Bluetooth connection automatic watering device is short in distance, the installation range is limited, and the WiFi signal is unstable when it is too far away from the router.
Other APP remote control watering device
There are few functions, only a simple watering switch and timing function, you can not understand the operation status of the device through the APP.
Mobile APP interface is simple and easy to understand
A variety of functions
Human Design
Suitable Water Tap

Water Tap:

The international general standard inch male thread washing machine faucet, garden faucet

Unsuitable water tap

Old Type water tap
One system threadless tap

Suitable for all pipes and fittings
Quick installation QOTO 912 main water tube 47 branch tube Sprinkler Locking Tee Plugging
Gateway equipped with other smart product automation

1. Doorbell design, the gateway is connected to the doorbell, and the App will record the time the visitor presses bell.

2.Human body induction sensor design function, connected to the gateway. If the owner is not at home and someone through by the device, the gateway will sound an alarm and transmit the sensed message to the app in real time.Which can play a role in anti-theft to a certain extent. (Can be set on APP)

3. The overflow is connected to the gateway. If the water overflows into the overflow, an alarm will be issued and the alarm will be triggered to directly close the sluice gate. On the contrary, it can be set to have an alarm when there is no water overflow and no alarm when there has water .

Quality Assurance

Pass professional testing and certification, The quality is guaranteed

Ingenuity creates excellent quality

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One year warranty Worry-free after-sales

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