auto watering system

auto watering system

garden watering system smart water valve

Product Specification:

    1.Material : PP shell

    2.Supply power : DC24V

    3.Ball valve material : 304ss;

    4.Connection way : Threaded way(BSTP/NPT)

    5.Water proof rating : IP66

    6.Components : 1 pcs actua

Product Details

We are the best manufacturer of wifi sprinkler controllers, exclusive patent. the intelligent irrigation system can remotely control the sprinklers at any distance and is a good assistant for garden irrigation.

The best wifi sprinkler controller products

The best wifi sprinkler controller product details

The best wifi sprinkler controller function introduction

Best wifi sprinkler controller details


1.Why is your product the best wifi sprinkler controller compared to other products on the market? What are the advantages and selling points?
Answer:First of all, from the perspective of service life: the products on the market generally have a service life of about two years, and our products can run safely and without failure for at least three years. Then the operating conditions: the products on the market will be limited by the water pressure and water quality, so the product can not run, and our products are without any restrictions, the valve can be opened and closed freely through the APP. Our strengths and selling points are in our products that control the amount of water, control the irrigation time, and control the sprinkler without distance restrictions.
2.Your product is scheduled to start at 12:01 ------12:50 off, no network after startup, the device will be closed by time?
Answer:Our products will be closed. What our products call it: the best wifi sprinkler controllers In addition to advantages and selling points, our products are also intelligent. As long as the timing command is issued, it means that it is sent to the MCU on the device, and then it will run on the MCU. So don't worry that the water won't turn off.
3.Your product comes with a power supply. We are in a hot outdoor weather. Is the battery likely to explode?
Answer:Because we are the best wifi sprinkler controller, So our products are suitable for all kinds of extreme environments. We use supercapacitors to make our products work at temperatures up to 120 degrees Celsius. For low temperature environments, our products can operate normally from minus 25 degrees to 65 degrees.
4.If the product equipment is powered off, will your product be automatically turned off?
Answer:We have already considered this problem when designing the product. The internal power supply of the product has a power failure delay of 30 seconds to close the valve hardware system.Therefore, after the product is powered off, it will still automatically shut down the valve after 30 seconds of operation, which will not cause waste of water resources.
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