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Purpose of automatic sprinkler system

Published by QiangTai 2020-08-13 18:50:51

In daily watering, it can be watered remotely through the mobile phone, fixed and quantified, safe and assured, no matter where you are at any time, you can remotely control the automatic sprinkler system for watering, which is a necessary equipment for home intelligence.


In addition to watering the green plants normally, the automatic sprinkler system can also perform physical cooling. Water is sprayed in the air. When the weather is hot in summer, the temperature of the air can be reduced by sprinkling. Effect.


Automatic sprinkler is sprinkling water


The automatic sprinkler system can remove dust in addition to cooling down. If there is dust in the air, you can spray water to make the dust no longer in the air and have the effect of purifying the air.


Automatic sprinkler is sprinkling water


In addition to these, automatic sprinkler systems can be used whenever sprinkling can be used in life, including disinfection sprays. For example, disinfection of farms and disinfection in public places can use automatic sprinkler systems. There are also places that can be used in life. A lot, more exploration.