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auto watering system is the best way to water the lawn

Published by QiangTai 2019-09-09 11:22:24

For people interested in planting flowers, how to water is the best way.always been a problem discussed by netizens. In the major forums, many netizens are publishing their own relevant opinions, so here is a summary of your opinions.89% of the population believes that the auto watering system is the best way to water the lawn.It can be seen that the automatic watering system is really well received by everyone.


auto watering system is the best way to water the lawn


Generally speaking, ordinary sprinklers use timers or timers to achieve different watering cycles.but this way is not the most affordable and most suitable method.If it rains one day, you forget to turn off the timer, not only wasting water, but also over-irrigating.The auto watering system is a more effective solution, and it only starts working when the lawn really needs water.


auto watering system saves 70% of water


auto watering system unit combines combined sensors and implements meteorological data, can estimate how much water is needed by flowers and plants. If it rains all the time, the auto watering system will reduce the irrigation of the plants.In addition, the auto watering system can also control the irrigation time through the mobile APP, and this distance is not limited. That is to say, when you need to go on vacation, you can also set the amount of water and time for irrigation through your mobile phone. After most users' measured automatic watering system can save up to 70% of water consumption, is absolutely huge potential for water-deficient areas.


auto watering system saves manpower


At present, we have found that the auto watering system has been used:parks, resorts, golf courses, football fields, lawn gardens for ordinary families, etc.