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Published by: QiangTaiSmart hose watering timerAugust 06,2020
Smart hose watering timer

The water needed to water the garden can come from many sources: for example, tap water, rainwater collected from buckets, water collected from water tanks or wells. Because tap water is wasteful, the...

Published by: QiangTaiHow often should i water indoor plants?August 01,2020
How often should i water indoor plants?

because they don’t know the planting skills, and they cure the plants.

Published by: QiangTaihow to water indoor plantsJuly 31,2020
how to water indoor plants

Many friends who love to grow green plants will be very distressed, how to water indoor plants? It has always been a problem, and introduce a few watering tips.

Published by: QiangTaiSucculents choose soilJuly 24,2020
Succulents choose soil

Succulents are very cute. There are many succulents lovers in normal life. They usually like to raise so many succulents.

Published by: QiangTaiSome problems encountered when watering plantsJuly 23,2020
Some problems encountered when watering plants

The automatic drip irrigation system is a very good watering tool for people who have a garden at home or who like to plant flowers and plants, but there are some problems that should be paid attentio...

Published by: QiangTaiNovice flower knowledgeJuly 18,2020
Novice flower knowledge

Green vegetation and blooming flowers always make people look relaxed and happy. Most people have had the idea of growing flowers, but how to grow flowers is also a knowledge, and some people are disc...