Watering the relaxing orchard

Published by QiangTai 2020-06-24 17:01:55

Kevin, a British customer, came to Alibaba to ask about product information.Kevin was in the fruit business and planted a strawberry orchard and a vineyard, but this year the weather was a bit hot and there was little precipitation. The traditional watering method made him a little tired. When he went to the doctor, he suggested that he could install a garden irrigation equipment, mobile phone can control the kind of watering, so you don’t have to be so tired.

Fruit grower


So Kevin asked his friends what product was available and which one was better. So he came to QOTO's online store, and because Kevin wanted to use drip irrigation and spraying for a little more watering, he asked if he could set the amount of water. QOTO It is possible to set the water volume through the mobile phone APP. Many products in the market are more about setting the water volume by twisting the nozzle of the pipe.Compared with Kevin's previous watering method, it can save a lot of irrigation water and save a lot of costs.


After understanding Kevin's needs, he introduced QOTO's products to him. Kevin immediately indicated that he wanted to place an order because the orchard was larger. I hope to buy a few samples and try it out. This is all possible.


QOTO smart water valve


Within three days of receiving the samples, Kevin sent another message saying that this was in line with his needs and that watering was easy. So he decided to buy enough drip irrigation to cover his entire orchard, and reached a cooperation.Kevin said that this device is very easy to use and will recommend it to more friends. Both garden irrigation and lawn irrigation can be used. I hope to have better cooperation with Kevin next time.