Eric has been very happy recently

Published by QiangTai 2020-07-09 18:48:18

Eric has been very happy recently because he bought a very practical lawn sprinkler system. Before Eric used to water the lawn, he needed to hold a water gun every day and stood outdoors for almost an hour to water the garden and garden vegetation, but since the last After Eric bought the lawn sprinkler system in May, watering became much easier.


Flowery garden


The lawn sprinkler system only needs a mobile phone to remotely control the watering. There is no need to hold a water gun to water little by little, saving time for watering, and sometimes if the work is busy, or you want to follow up The friend party did not return home in time, and as long as the mobile phone set remote watering regularly, it will automatically stop watering when the time is up, real-time feedback of the watering situation, no need to worry, the lawn watering system will take care of the garden flowers and plants. it is good.


The lawn and flowers need not be taken care of by themselves, and now they grow very well. Eric said that after a few days, he was going to invite friends to his home party, and then set up a few tents on the lawn. In the evening, he could drink beer while watching the stars.


Courtyard lawn


Eric said that he will continue to support QOTO's lawn sprinkler system, and recommend it to his friends, because it is too convenient, and it has a role in energy conservation and environmental protection.