Bring good luck to the garden watering system

Published by QiangTai 2020-06-22 18:02:10

Receive a favorable comment from a customer from the United States, Jane. Jane purchased five QOTO automatic watering devices from the website a month ago for garden watering. Jane is a single mother. Jane is a makeup blogger on a live webcast. She usually opens her own shop selling cosmetics. She has a very cute 5-year-old baby. She and her baby have their own garden. The two favorite things for mother and daughter are to play games in the grass of the garden together and take care of the garden.But now the baby is growing up and going to school soon, and Jane also wants to work harder, hoping to give the baby a better life, there is not so much time to tidy up his garden, so I went online Planning to buy a garden automatic watering controllers.


Adults and children playing in the grass


Jane found it convenient after using it for a while. Usually, she only needs to set the watering regularly on her mobile phone in advance, so there is no need to worry about it, or turn on the watering device by voice recognition, free her hands, and just open the device by saying two sentences. Watering is very time-saving, safe and convenient. And the doorbell and body sensor equipped with the gateway are very suitable for her and the baby, and can record the time when the visitor presses the doorbell. At the same time, the human body sensor will send an alarm once someone approaches the sensing range, which can monitor theft to a certain extent. Except for the garden, the water system in the house is under control of Jane. Where to open the sluice gate and close the sluice gate, only one button of the mobile phone is needed.


Sprinkler water


So it will be Jane's praise after a month. And because of Jane's introduction, some of her fans also knew about QOTO's products, and they would buy them if they needed them. Now Jane's work is going smoothly, and the baby is living happily, so I hope everyone around me will become better. I hope the QOTO garden watering will bring her good luck to all who needs it.